Worship Central Academy

Application Process

Step 1

Fill out the Worship Central Academy Application

Online Application

Step 2

Submit your audition

Audition Submission Info

The First Step

The first step in auditioning for Worship Central Academy is to submit a video recording of your audition. This can be as simple as recorded through your phone, or as complex as using a recording device/computer. Whatever the case, the most important thing is that your playing/singing is easily discernable. Also, make sure the quality of the recording is acceptable (again, it should be easy to hear what you’re playing/singing). You may need to do several “takes” to get a good recording/balance.

How do I record it?

You will need to play the recording of the song through headphones or speakers so you can hear what you’re playing with/to. If possible, having the reference song playing audibly in the recording with you is ideal, but not a requirement. If you are unable to do this, just your instrument/voice with headphones will work. The main point is that YOU can be heard clearly in the recording.

The point of this form of audition is to give Worship Central Academy staff an initial read on your ability as a musician/vocalist. We totally understand that these recordings will be rough – so don’t worry about quality – we get it.

What do I record?

Please submit a total of two videos.

  1. Video of you singing (with instrument, if applicable, otherwise sing with the recording)
  2. Video of you harmonizing with the recording

You will need to purchase the song from iTunes or other method in order to use in the recording: (click on a song to view in iTunes)

Please submit only one song per submission type.


We Open Our Hearts - TFH Worhsip

Submit two recordings:
1. Play the song as interpreted
2. Play lead synth parts
If all you have is a piano, we understand if both recordings are simply using a piano sound


Pursuit - TFH Worship
Open Heavens - TFH Worship

(Please show finger-picking and strumming with pick)

How do I submit it?

Upload your video audition to Youtube. Make sure to set the privacy settings as “Unlisted” and title your video “Worship Central Academy Audition”. Once you have uploaded it, please e-mail lyndsey.elm@tfh.org with the subject: “Worship Central Academy Video Audition - JOHN SMITH (your name)” and put the video link in the e-mail.